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****Collier Verified Purchase
It fits & it works.. not sure how long it will last but for now it’s doing the job!
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****y Bates Verified Purchase
Easy to install. Been installed for about two weeks now and so far it's been keeping the charge well and I'm now able to charge up 100 percent. I'm happy I made this purchase. It's worth buying as a replacement.
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**** Norman Verified Purchase
It is a battery and it works. However, what made this so good was the included tools. Funny little screws and these tools worked perfectly.
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**** Hope Verified Purchase
Meh, it seems as with almost any laptop battery you purchase, the health will never be 100%. I ran BatteryInfoView from NirSoft and it shows the health as 93.5%. Designed Capacity shows 41,927 mAh, and a Full Charged Capacity as 39,201.I think once these things sit on the shelf in varying temperatures, the health declines. At least 93.5% is better than others I've purchased in the past at 70%.
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**** Hooper Verified Purchase
Needed a new battery for my laptop. This arrived with 70% charge. Which was great. Easy to install following directions on line. Used computer all afternoon and still had plenty of charge. Charged it fully the next day and depending on my computer use the charge lasts for 4-5 days. No more having to charge every hour!
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****l Allan Verified Purchase
Batería robusta y buena relación precio-calidad. Me hubiera gustado que la carga al 100% durara más tiempo ya que soporta alrededor de 3.5 horas . Embonó perfectamente en mi HP Laptop
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****Fraser Verified Purchase
This battery didn’t last a week even. When on laptop the battery manager didn’t work to show charge level and remaining time. Within a week the laptop didn’t start with this battery. When removed and plugged to direct power the laptop worked. Not sure what’s wrong with this battery. Purchased a different branded one and have been using that for 2 months and that works as expected. So something is wrong with this one. Won’t recommend it.
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****Forster Verified Purchase
This fit my computer perfectly as shown in the description of this ad
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****Rice Verified Purchase
My laptop would not allow me to log on as the old battery was loading it down. With this one installed m laptop turns on like it should
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****eth Collins Verified Purchase
I was really worried It was not going to be compatible with my computer (HP). I had to match my old battery info with the info listed from this listing & it WORKED! The price for my battery going through HP's help center was way more pricier. So finding this batteries at this price saved me from over spending on the same battery! BEST OF ALL I'm able to continue my online classes that I was afraid I was going to have to drop because of my previous battery finally kicking the bucket after 7 years haha!
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