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Replacement for HP HSTNN-LB6N battery - 58Wh,4 cells

Brand new and high quality 58Wh replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery is made from best quality battery cells, We guarantee 100% compatible to the original specifications.

Condition :
Replacement, Brand New
Chemistry :
Color :
Volatge :
Cells :
4 cells
Capacity :
Dimension :
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Note : 15.2V and 14.8V are compatible, they are in common use.
This brand new 4 cells ( 58Wh, 15.2V ) replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery is made with high quality battery cells from Sanyo, 100% compatible with your HP HSTNN-LB6N laptop. Our batteries are meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer specifications( voltage, capacity, safety and compatibility ), all of them have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 etc.), strict quality and safety testing( QA & QC) before leaving the manufacturer. And the battery shell was made of high quality environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials. These batteries also have internal circuit boards with smart chips, which allows the HSTNN-LB6N battery to communicate with the laptop to monitor battery temperature, performance and output voltage.
We will check the functions of the replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery before shipping, ensure every function works well since we understand the annoyances of dealing with defective products and want you to be 100% satisfied with our replacement HP laptop battery.
Thank you for shopping replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery at, before placing an order please to ensure the model(or part number) of this HSTNN-LB6N battery can fit for your HP laptop, you can compare your old HP battery to our battery's pictures, ensure them are the same.
Battery for HP HSTNN-LB6N laptopBattery for HP HSTNN-LB6N laptop

Compatible Part Numbers

  • 778951-421(4ICP6/60/80)
  • 778951-421
  • 778978-005
  • 778978-006
  • RR04
  • RR04058-PR
  • RR04XL
  • TPN-W111

Compatible Models

  • Omen 15-5000NA
  • Omen 15-5000NC
  • Omen 15-5000ND
  • Omen 15-5000NE
  • Omen 15-5000NG
  • Omen 15-5000NO
  • Omen 15-5000NT
  • Omen 15-5000NW
  • Omen 15-5001LA
  • Omen 15-5001NA
  • Omen 15-5001NG
  • Omen 15-5001NS
  • Omen 15-5001TX
  • Omen 15-5002NX
  • Omen 15-5002TX
  • Omen 15-5003TX
  • Omen 15-5004TX
  • Omen 15-5005NP
  • Omen 15-5005TX
  • Omen 15-5006TX
  • Omen 15-5007TX
  • Omen 15-5008TX
  • Omen 15-5009TX
  • Omen 15-5010NR
  • Omen 15-5010TX
  • Omen 15-5011TX
  • Omen 15-5012NA
  • Omen 15-5012TX
  • Omen 15-5013DX
  • Omen 15-5013TX
  • Omen 15-5014TX
  • Omen 15-5015TX
  • Omen 15-5016TX
  • Omen 15-5017TX
  • Omen 15-5018TX
  • Omen 15-5019TX
  • Omen 15-5020CA
  • Omen 15-5020NR
  • Omen 15-5020NV
  • Omen 15-5020TX
  • Omen 15-5021TX
  • Omen 15-5022TX
  • Omen 15-5023TX
  • Omen 15-5024TX
  • Omen 15-5050NA
  • Omen 15-5050NR
  • Omen 15-5050SA
  • Omen 15-5051NA
  • Omen 15-5051SA
  • Omen 15-5051UR
  • Omen 15-5090NZ
  • Omen 15-5099NR
  • Omen 15-5100NF
  • Omen 15-5100NP
  • Omen 15-5100NX
  • Omen 15-5101TX
  • Omen 15-5102TX
  • Omen 15-5102UR
  • Omen 15-5103TX
  • Omen 15-5104TX
  • Omen 15-5105TX
  • Omen 15-5106TX
  • Omen 15-5107TX
  • Omen 15-5108TX
  • Omen 15-5109TX
  • Omen 15-5110CA
  • Omen 15-5110NR
  • Omen 15-5110TX
  • Omen 15-5111TX
  • Omen 15-5112TX
  • Omen 15-5113DX
  • Omen 15-5113TX
  • Omen 15-5114DX
  • Omen 15-5114TX
  • Omen 15-5115TX
  • Omen 15-5117TX
  • Omen 15-5120NR
  • Omen 15-5180NO
  • Omen 15-5190NZ
  • Omen 15-5201TX
  • Omen 15-5202TX
  • Omen 15-5204TX
  • Omen 15-5207TX
  • Omen 15-5208TX
  • Omen 15-5209TX
  • Omen 15-5210CA
  • Omen 15-5210NR
  • Omen 15-5210NV
  • Omen 15-5211NA
  • Omen 15-5213DX
  • Omen 15-5220CA
  • Omen 15-5220NR
  • Omen 15-5221NI
  • Omen 15-5250ND
  • Omen 15-5250NE
  • Omen 15-5250NF
  • Omen 15-5250NL
  • Omen 15-5250NO
  • Omen 15-5250NT
  • Omen 15-5250NX
  • Omen 15-5250UR
  • Omen 15-5251NE
  • Omen 15-5251NP
  • Omen 15-5251UR
  • Omen 15-5253NL
  • Omen 15-5255ND
  • Omen 15-5268NR
  • Omen 15-5290NZ
  • Omen 15-5299UR

Some tips for the brand new replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery

  1. Brand new replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery must be fully charged with over 8-12 hours for the first time use, and the first 3 charge/discharge cycles are very importantly for get max performance.
  2. Do not try to modify or disassemble the HSTNN-LB6N battery pack because this may cause damage to it.
  3. If it is using the external power supply for long time, please remove the replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N battery from your laptop, this can increase battery life.
  4. It is normal for a battery to become warm during charging and discharging. If the replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N laptop battery is not going to be used, please to store the battery in a cool, dry and clean place.
  5. If the replacement HP HSTNN-LB6N laptop battery can't work fine, please check twice to confirm that the battery is defective or not, and contact our customer service representative ASAP, let us know the Detailed Problem, we will do our best to serve you
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